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Tue. Jul 14th, 2020


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How To Care Yourself After Miscarriage

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Only a mother can understand what causes the pain of miscarriage. Losing your baby before giving birth is a very painful feeling. This is an incident in a woman’s life, for which she is never ready. It is very important to take care of yourself to get yourself out of this abortion incident. Because a woman’s body becomes very weak after eating a baby or after a miscarriage. Therefore, to recover quickly, some things related to health must be taken care of. In this article, we are going to talk about some special precautions related to health after miscarriage.

According to the World Health Organization, abortion is one of the problems encountered in human pregnancies. According to statistics, 12–15 percent of clinical pregnancies end at miscarriage and 17–22 percent have miscarriages during pregnancy. After which it becomes even more important for women to take care of their health. In this article today, we are going to tell some tips on abortion care for women suffering from abortion. Also, show you how to take care of yourself after an abortion.

What is miscarriage?

If the fetus dies before the 20th week of pregnancy, it is called abortion. A woman’s miscarriage depends on her pregnancy. The symptoms and causes of each miscarriage may vary. According to research, one in five pregnant women have an abortion before the 20th week.

Why do miscarriages happen?

Miscarriage is usually due to genetic causes and chromosomal abnormalities. These factors inhibit fetal development. In addition, hormonal levels, diabetes, uterine abnormalities, alcohol and drug abuse can also lead to miscarriage. During this time the woman goes through physical and mental trauma.

Things to keep in mind after miscarriage

The occurrence of miscarriage makes your body weak not only physically but also mentally. During this time, you will lose interest in everything and separate yourself from everything. If you want to get out of the abortion incident soon, taking care of yourself is very important. Below are some methods for physical and emotional improvement after abortion.

How to physically care after Miscarriage?

You may experience body cramps, pain, and bleeding for up to two weeks after the abortion. Here are some remedies, which will help you to recover physically much quicker.

Rest after miscarriage:

After miscarriage, rest as much as you can to keep yourself healthy. Many times in this situation, you cannot sleep at night, so drink warm milk. Apart from this, you can also do some light exercise. This will help you get better sleep.

Take medicine after pregnancy loss:

You may experience pain for a few days after the abortion. For this, you can take painkillers, but before taking them, please consult a doctor.

Take hot or cold compress after an abortion:

Many women have an increased headache problem after miscarriage. For this, you can get relief from pain by applying hot or cold compress on your head. A hot or cold compress will give you relief soon.

Monitor temperature after miscarriage:

If you have had an abortion, monitor your body temperature for the subsequent five days. If it goes beyond 99.7 degrees, go to your doctor. Because you have high fever, it can be a sign of infection in the body.

Maintain cleanliness after abortion:

Bleeding is common after pregnancy loss. Therefore, women should maintain cleanliness during this period. Therefore, after abortion, use sanitary tree instead of tampons. Explain that the use of tampons can cause vaginal infection. Apart from this, as long as there is bleeding, take a bath twice a day.

Healthy diet for recovery after miscarriage: 

Any woman should have a healthy diet after an abortion. If you are also going through a situation of pregnancy loss, then eat sufficient amount of foods rich in protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, vitamins and minerals. Include eggs, cheese, red meat, poultry, coconut oil, butter, fruits and vegetables in your diet. Since calcium levels in the body decrease significantly after miscarriage, include calcium-rich foods such as milk, dry fruits, soy and greens in your diet. Eat iron-rich food right there. Anemia can be the cause of heavy bleeding after miscarriage. In this case, eat foods containing iron.

Avoid having sex after miscarriage:

After abortion, women should avoid having sex for a week. During this time your treatment is going on, so wait for bleeding to stop and cervical closure. It is important that you contact your doctor and know when to start having sex again and when to try for a next pregnancy.

Go for regular checkup after abortion:

One should go to the doctor regularly after abortion. This will help you to know if you have any sexually transmitted disease, bacterial infection. Let me tell you, STD can cause you to become pregnant again.

Massage the body after abortion:

After the miscarriage, women feel tired, for this it is very important to relax the body. It is better to take care of miscarriage, that you get a massage or massage regularly after the miscarriage. It can help increase uterine and cervical circulation and promote hormonal balance.

Emotional recovery after miscarriage

It is very difficult for a woman to get out of an abortion situation. After miscarriage, you women experience a variety of emotions, such as sadness, anger, depression, resentment, stress, etc. But if you want to get pregnant again, you need to recover emotionally as well. So below, we are giving you some tips that can help you come out of this difficult time.

Accept abortion easily:

After the abortion you have to accept the truth that you have gone through a very bad accident. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you will recover and things will become easier.

Seek doctor’s help after having a miscarriage:

A doctor can help you a lot after an abortion. It will help you to get out of the problems after the miscarriage, so that you will be better prepared for the next pregnancy.

Do not blame yourself after an abortion:

Stop blaming yourself for keeping yourself mentally healthy after an abortion. Women often find themselves responsible for the miscarriage, which gradually leads to depression. Which makes them difficult to get pregnant again.

Return to your work after miscarriage:

Return to work to deal with the emotional trauma associated with losing a child. Many women do not emerge from this pain for long periods of time and delay their return to work. However, it also depends on their situation, but to get life back on track as soon as possible it is important to focus on your work. This will put your mind into other tasks and you will feel a little better being in the midst of it all.

Stay away from stress after having a miscarriage:

It is natural for a mother to be under stress after an abortion. Excess stress may delay his recovery. Therefore, as much as possible, stay away from stress. However, after an abortion your hormones will not freeze so quickly, so it may take some time for you to return to normal. The fluctuations in hormones will make you irritable and moody. So, try to distract yourself to avoid stress.

Talk to people after an abortion:

You may have broken up after the abortion, but do not keep yourself alone, instead communicate with people to lighten the mind. Talk to your partner, as he too has lost his child. By talking about this, both of you will be able to share each other’s grief and it will help in moving forward in life.

Do Exercise if you have an abortion:

During pregnancy loss, the body becomes very weak, so it is necessary to exercise for the movement of the body. It can also help you to relieve stress. In the beginning, you can opt for a walk or yoga. But for this you must first consult your doctor.

Take medicines to take care of miscarriage:

Doctors may give you anti-depressant in cases of depression after abortion. In very rare cases it may also suggest treatment such as electroconvulsive therapy. However, you should try to come out of depression for emotional therapy after an abortion by yourself.

Take precautions after Miscarriage

There are some precautions in the care of miscarriage, which you must take after the miscarriage. It will help you to prevent future miscarriages and make you physically and emotionally strong.

  • Do not try to conceive until your menstrual cycle begins.
  • Exercise regularly and maintain your weight.
  • If you become pregnant again, avoid alcohol and smoking. Also do not consume caffeine.
  • Take prenatal vitamin and folic acid supplements regularly.
  • Avoid physical disorganization. This will help prevent the possibility of contracting any infection.

Question and answer related to miscarriage            

How long can it take for the body to recover after an abortion?

It may take weeks to a few months for your body to fully recover after an abortion. Vaginal bleeding can occur for about a week and abdominal pain may last up to two days. It is really difficult to accept the loss of abortion, but gradually you accept this loss, it will make you feel better over time.

When can a woman become pregnant again after an abortion?

Not only does your body need to be fully healthy before miscarriage after miscarriage, but your emotions also need to be stabilized. Therefore, doctors usually recommend waiting a few months to a year before trying to become pregnant after an abortion. Because for some time the uterus is quite flexible. But as soon as your monthly religious cycle becomes regular, you can try for another child.

It is very unfortunate to have an abortion, which only a mother can experience. But after that, being strong mentally and physically will help you recover quickly. In this article, we have told you what to do after abortion, care and precautions for abortion. The sooner you can get healthier and better, the sooner you can try for another child.

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